Sunday Soaring

Soaring over Kelso

Nice atmospheric pic of the Pilatus B4 taken by Mike Rose in the club K21. Both heading toward Kelso.

Rolling back the Years

Vintage Gliders at Milfield

The Blue and yellow Polish built SZD Foka 4 is the actual glider that won the world championships at South Cerney, England in 1965, piloted by one of the Polish team members. The red and white Slingsby Capstan T.49 was built in 1967 at Kirbymoorside, North Yorkshire, with a total of 31 built. This particular one was previously owned by one of our members here at Milfield. The yellow Swiss built Neukom Elf S4 was built in 1973 and has a very credible 37:1 L/D.

Winter Flying

With the 'Beast from the East' about to descend on us the club were lucky to have such a decent weekend to finish February. Soaring took place on all 3 days although it was Friday which produced the best climbs. Freed from childcare duties, Richard Abercrombie managed to clock up well over 5 hours in total as well as reaching nearly 11,000'. There were even rumours that there were some thermals! We are lucky to fly in an area that produces such fantastic conditions.

Richard took some photos of his flights.

10,000' - So cool even the panel wears shades.

The view over the hills

Stuart Black on his way to over 8000'

Friday 12th January 2018

Although the wind was forecast to be S / SE and the RASP forecast showed wave, you had to be optimistic to set off from home in fog! Coming over the Chatton Moors there was a low bank of cloud with the snow dusted tops of Hedgehope and Cheviot visible beyond it and, further North a nice blue hole. By the time we were ready to launch there was obvious wave in the valley and behind Cheviot. It stayed there all day, although it moved and changed as the day went on.

The view down the valley at the start of the day.

and this anvil of cloud, with the front edge visibly rising, at the end  of the day.

Cloud rolling down into the valley behind Cheviot.


A sunlit Yeavering Bell

 The wave worked to over 9500' and extended West of Jedburgh as well as providing several downwind bars.

A trip to Carter Bar, Yetholm, Coldstream and Etal

The Ka21, Alliance, K6e & LS4 all had soaring flights. Not a bad start to Milfield's 2018