January 8th,10th,11th & 12th

Congratulations to Kate Ashley on completing her Bronze 'C' at Currock Hill on Wednesday 8th January in strong wind/turbulent conditions.

Although Hugh Baird was the only one to fly on Friday he reached over 7000' in a 40 minute flight. Much to the frustration of those on the ground doing various jobs the wave looked to get steadily better during the afternoon. It was a pity more folk hadn't tuned up to enjoy it.

Saturday was mainly hill soaring between the Tors and Cheviot but a change in conditions generated a bank of cloud in front of Cheviot and, for those who ventured under the cloud towards the sunlight on the ground near Yetholm, produced wave which stretched out to the SW of Kelso. Maximum height 6300'

Launching into blue skies on Sat

Sunday was a very different day with a very cold, frosty start and a light wind from the SE, although the higher cloud appeared to be coming from the S. Russell Young was the first to launch and, despite there being no obvious place to go, contacted wave over the Monument. He was rewarded by completing his Bronze 2 hour flight. Well done ! Sadly it appeared that he had taken off too early as he had been unable to get over 5000' attempting to also get his Silver Height. Later launches eventually got to over 7000' with new member Daniel Bentley managing to do what Russell had wanted, getting both a Bronze 2 hours and his Silver height. Congratulations.

The conditions were very unusual. When your blogger took off ground temperature was a very chilly 1 deg. On reaching 3500' however, my outside temperature was a balmy 5 deg !. The warming effect seemed to be from the wave as the hills in the lee of Cheviot were completely frost free whilst to either side of the lee effect even at ground level it was frosty. Also the appearance of the sky was that it was misty but in actual fact you could see a long way. The photo below doesn't do the conditions justice but this was an attempt to photograph the Solway Firth which could be clearly seen. To the N the Fife coastline and the Isle of May were easily visible. Weird !

Looking S past Cheviot with bars visible in the distance

The Solway Firth - well if you have a good imagination, easier to see with the naked eye.

A Happy New Year from all at Borders Gliding Club