Another lovely day at Milfield ! The early tows all went down the College Valley and most contacted wave between the Tors & Cheviot. It only worked to around 5000' but there appeared to be a few slots in the cloud and also some 'valleys' which, whilst not enabling any significant climbs, allowed us to venture afield. Your blogger headed along one of these valleys / slot features getting out to between Morebattle and Windy Gyle. Turning around there was a more obvious route which, by just trickling along at 45 - 50kts enabled me to get to Berwick. Turning round again there was still a slot running back to Yetholm but, by this time, the cloud to the West was thickening. Returning along the Tweed to Norham it appeared as though wave had set up near to Ford and then further South at Wooler. I was joined by Derek Ward and we both enjoyed flying South, me along a nice slot running virtually to Callaly Castle whilst Derek, slightly later ended up puzzling over a windfarm which turned out to be at Wingates, South of Rothbury. I returned to the site having covered over 170kms flying between 4 and 5000' most of the time. Wonderful !