7th - 9th August - A Good Weekend

As well as Alex's solo on Saturday (see separate post) the rest of the weekend provided some great flying. Friday produced some decent thermal flying with, yet again, the appearance of a sea breeze front but Sunday was the best day. We had a slow start, with few members and little enthusiasm because of the low cloud and spits and spots of drizzle. Some of us decided to make preparations for our trip to Buckminster next weekend so trailers were got out and washed (must make a good impression !) and gliders prepared to be de-rigged. Your blogger was bringing his glider over to the clubhouse to de-rig when he noticed that there appeared to be a fairly clear edge to the cloud down towards Wooler. It didn't take much persuasion to get a tow and, pulling off at 2000' there was a solid 3kts. We had 2 visitors from RAF Boulmer who had flown at Hus Bos and were thinking they might join. Well, Bill Stephen showed them what a great site Milfield is - the grins said it all - and we think they are joining. The sky steadily cleared, the sunshine stopping the cold as we continued climbing. The wave box was opened when your blogger passed 17,500' still climbing at around 2.5kts  but, sadly it didn't work much higher and, after a bit of searching a maximum height of just over 18,400' was reached. Alastair Fish and Barry Lytollis both got over 10,000', Barry winning the prize for the most interesting photo taken near Howtel. Was the answer "yes" we wondered ?

Could there be a better location for a gliding club?

and who said wave bars are straight ?

A Double First at Borders GC

Congratulations to Alex Crews who went solo on Saturday Aug 8th and completed his flight with an excellent circuit and landing. Alex was sent solo by the duty instructor Geoff Forster, who looked very relieved when Alex landed. It turned out that Alex was the first student that Geoff had sent off solo, no wonder he looked slightly anxious!  

Another nervous spectator was Alex's grandfather, Mike Crews, who was heard to say that he hadn't been this stressed since the birth of his son, Alex's dad!!  

Alex has been the first student to benefit from the club Junior Member Support Scheme whereby membership for those under 18 is free for 2015 and for every paid instructional flight, the next one is free. Our club charges are also some of the lowest in the country making this a great time to learn to fly for all aspiring pilots, particularly those under 18.

Goeff and Alex next to the K21