Trevor does it again - Congratulations

Congratulations to Trevor Dale on winning a Silver Medal in this year's British Glider Aerobatic Championship held at Saltby airfield, home of the Buckminster Gliding Club. Three sequences were flown over the 4 day contest, a 1st Known Compulsory, a 2nd Known Compulsory and an Unknown Sequence presented to the pilots 24 hrs before flying it. The medals were presented by the Duke of Rutland, whose residence is the magnificent Belvoir Castle, not far from Saltby.

Last year Trevor won a Bronze medal so, a Silver this year - you know what you have to do next year Trevor !

The aerial photos below, of Trevor's Pilatus B4 flying the sequences, were taken by Leif Culpin - official BAeA photographer. 

Trevor in action and, no, your blogger hasn't got the photo the wrong way.