Milfield Wave - Sunday 17th July

At what should be the height of the thermal season what do we get at Milfield ? Wave ! To be fair the RASP forecast did show wave, although not particularly strongly. We started off towing to the Tors and thence to Cheviot and, after a while hill soaring, the wave started.

This is the wave forecast for around 1000'. If you look closely there is a slightly stronger patch just to the SW of Cheviot and that is where the first contact was made. It gave 2 - 3kts up to around 6500' where there was a layer of cloud. The sky was quite confused and it was hard to decide where to go but, going on past experience a trip downwind to S of Wooler took your blogger straight into solid lift.

This is the RASP forecast for around 5000' and it shows a strong band of lift. It actually gave a pretty steady 3kts+ from around 5,500' up to about 11,500'. At that point a bit of a search then gave another climb which took me to just a fraction under 14,000'. The cloud cover was thickening by this time and so descending and flying down to near Alnham I met drizzle. The return, going back over to Cheviot and along the Tors was all through patchy rain and, shortly after landing this became quite heavy and we called it a day. What a day !

The view on the way up looking NW - not looking particularly promising above

but with 3.7kts on the averager there was still some way to go
Note to self : next time you photograph your knees make sure you have clean jeans on !

Soon to be in our BGC Shop!!

Wingwalker Equipment

With our recent weather we now have requests for branded club umbrellas. This version is modelled by our ex CFI!

Our chairman, on the tractor, was directing the photoshoot (and getting very wet!).