Sunday 8th February 2015

Although it appeared to be flat calm on the ground the Met forecast showed reasonable winds aloft. After the usual briefing, "never rule out wave", launching commenced and the tows headed for the Tors. Reports came back that the hills were working well and the first flights were already on Cheviot. Whilst it may just have been hill lift it was very smooth and worked to over 5000'. Later, though, there was evidence that wave was present. Your blogger went to the Tors and struggled to find any lift until pushing forward across the valley to be rewarded with a decent climb. Using the height gained on Cheviot allowed a search over quite an area which confirmed areas of wave. However, the main thing to report was the spectacular views over the hills. We are so lucky to be able to go soaring throughout the year and have landscapes like this to enjoy.

The Astir soaring over the snow dusted hills


The distictive avenue of trees at Pallinsburn House