Sunday 28th December

Only a few stalwarts turned up today but there was an enthusiasm to fly. At first sight the wind looked too light to produce any soaring but, like the previous post, the Tors and Cheviot worked very gently and smoothly. On the last flight of the day, Bill Stephen and Alan Gibson in the Puchacz towed off to the Tors. Those on the ground then noticed that, over Cheviot, a beautiful smooth wave cap was forming. We called the Puchacz to let them know only to be told, "Yes, we know, we are on top of it." So, last flight of the year a wonderful climb to 5000'. We hope 2015 will bring lots more !

Saturday 13th December - Soaring in a Winter Wonderland

Today provided the conditions which makes Milfield such a special site. The hills covered with snow shining in the sun, fantastic visibility, (although it got cloudier later) and just the right amount of wind allowed us to go soaring in a winter wonderland. The hills of the College Valley, from Newton Tors along towards Cheviot produced gentle but consistent lift. Although conditions were very smooth for hill lift, our hopes that wave would develop didn't materialise. Still, to be able to soar for hours on end in the middle of  December is something few other clubs can provide.

Richard Abercrombie's 'selfie'

Saturday 6th Dec - Wave, Talks & Pies!

Although the Met. suggested we might get wave later in the day as a front approached, there were signs it was present even before briefing. Sure enough, straight off tow near Wooler and into lift. As is so often the case when we contact wave there it extended South down the A 697 allowing flights down to Powburn and back. Sadly though, after only 4 launches the wind picked up and became too gusty to launch. The lucky few who flew didn't break any records however, the wave only went to around 5000'. Still, better than sitting on the ground.

Photo from Mike Rose - 5000ft over Wooler

Having stopped flying though, that's exactly what we did. John Brown had suggested and organised a training / social evening and, with several members travelling some distance to attend, we waited until the scheduled time rather than make an early start. It proved to be an excellent evening. Colin Sword gave a very thorough and interesting talk on the glider's flight envelope complete with some thought provoking videos of wing proof testing and in flight flutter - scary !! A break for food and chat and then another talk on variometers and MacCready. I'm sure all who attended would agree it was a super night and very worthwhile. A big thank you to John and Colin (and Alan for the superb pies) we look forward to the next ones - talks and pies !

Colin Sword giving a talk on the glider flight envelope

Pies (and members!)