First Flying of 2015

Saturday Jan 3

After the cloud cleared away we had 14 launches with most pilots finding enough lift to have good flights. Lewis Loening took advantage of the conditions and converted to our single seat Astir. He also managed a really nice landing on his first flight on type, well done Lewis.

A nice start to the New Year with blue skies and great views from the air.

Lewis on approach

SuperCub Landing

Sunday Jan 4

Arriving at the site this morning we were greeted by some whispy wave bars - looking rather a long way downwind. Although the Met Office forecast didn't mention wave, RASP did, particularly later in the day. By the time we launched however, there was only clear blue sky and so the first 2 launches went to the Tors. The climb out was good and reaching the hills there was smooth, gentle lift. As the 2nd flight was just a currency check and P2 wanted to try for an hour flight, we decided to return to Milfield. I suggested we use our height to check for any wave and, on reaching Akeld the vario swung up. Tracking towards Wooler rewarded us with 6kts so, having reached 4000' we returned to the site. Sadly the demand for the Ka21 meant the P2 couldn't try for an hour and possible Silver height. Having found the wave several pilots contacted it and enjoyed some great rates of climb, 6 - 8kts at times. By the end of the day the best height was a little over 10,000' but, with the wind strengthening, the last few circuits and landings were 'exciting' to put it mildly. Anyway, a great start to the year for the Sunday crowd.

Funny the things you see. In the middle of nowhere this was spotted. From a distance it looked like ATV and I thought it was a training site for All Terran Vehicles - but a zoomed photo just shows a wiggling track across a field.