Club Flying Week

We had moderate wave or hill lift most days but Friday brought really strong wave with climb rates of up to 17kts! Our visitors had good flights with Lee Davidson (Anglia GC) in his Kestrel 19 getting to 10,000ft beating his brother Brett (also Anglia GC) by 1,500ft. John McKenzie (Derby & Lancs GC) got to 8,500ft and Robert Tatlow (Darlton GC) in his Janus got to 8,200ft before heading back early for one of Brenda's pies.

Our own members also had great flights with Steve Rae (Lak12) reaching 16,000ft, Stuart Black (DG300) 13,000ft, Derek Ward (Mosquito) 9,000ft and Trevor Dale (Pilatus B4) 8,600ft.

The tuggies didn't seem quite so enamoured with the conditions which was probably due to strong rotor being handily placed between the drop off point and the airfield! They did report that it was particularly motivating to hear the glider pilots cheerily reporting smooth conditions, 10 up and passing 7,000ft as they were being thrown around on the downwind leg!!!

Views from Trevor's Pilatus (Smoke button?)