Great North Fly In 2013

The club had arranged to support the GNFI by taking our K21 and big Pawnee down to Eshott for both days. Sadly the weather intervened on Saturday so early Sunday morning Richard Abercrombie and Derek Ward in the K21 were towed down to Eshott by Bill Stephens. The glider and tug were then on display for the day before heading home in the afternoon.

The K21 and Pawnee both generated a lot of interest at the GNFI and we look forward to attending again next year. Well done to Richard, Bill and Derek for their support of a very worth cause.

More pics of the GNFI our Facebook page.

Bill lining up the tug
Richard and Derek ready to go
Passing Milfield Village
Overhead Eshott

Landing at Eshott (Photos by Graham Rendall)

The hard bit! (Photo by James Fairweather)
G-CTUG on display (Photo by Aaron Dodds)

More G-CTUG  (Photo by James Fairweather)

Heading Home (Photo by Graham Rendall)

Saturday 8th June - G-ATFR Returns

G-ATFR, our small Pawnee, made a welcome return to active service today after a prolonged period of absence.  As our most fuel efficient tug until the EuroFOX arrives, G-ATFR is usually employed as a second tug towing single seaters.  Many of the single seat pilots also prefer its more benign take off characteristics, particularly those with wooden gliders.


The conditions were ideal for Air Experience flights and those that flew came back with large smiles and a camera full of photographs.  We also had quite a few visitors call in to see what gliding was all about and we hope to welcome them back soon.

Training and cross-country flights presented more of a challenge with heavy sink between thermals and a sea breeze later in the day.

K21 - Ready to take-off on a Training Flight

Into the 'Blue'

 Then into the 'Green'  (Field landing exercises)

Sunday 2nd June

What a cracking day ! Lots of soaring and quite a few cross country kilometres covered. Phil Marks & Bill Stephen went out to Lauder, then Hawick and back home, nominally 120km. AndyB continued the Old Gits' Supplementary task by photographing Norham Castle but then got addicted to castles so went off to Duns, Floors (again), Callaly & finally Barmoor.

The field looks magnificent thanks to the hard work of Ken Marston and Iain Lowes hard work on the grass cutter!

The Airfield

Norham Castle (in trees)

Duns Castle

Floors Castle & Millenium Garden

Callaly Castle

Barmoor Castle