Saturday 19th April

Great day for our pilots, visiting pilots and visitors. We had wave all day although it moved around a fair bit in the afternoon and became more challenging to find. Well done to the tug drivers who managed to drop almost everyone in lift. Well done also to the instructors who did the air experience flights, the passengers came back with very large smiles and some great photographs.

It was the start of a flying week so we had more than our usual complement of gliders on the flight line. We were also joined by many of our country members who often take advantage of our flying weeks for some extra soaring.

Pilots waiting to go

A sky full of wave! 
A visitor waiting to take off for an air experience flight in our Alliance 

BGC EuroFOX - Engine Start & Taxi

Our EuroFox had an engine run and taxi on Wednesday 9th April. See the BGC EuroFox tab and the video section on the right for more details.

Click on picture for video.

Saturday 5th April

The weather finally gave the Saturday pilots an opportunity to fly with many requiring a check flight with Geoff, our duty instructor. Early wave also saw several pilots have good flights until the conditions became more changeable later in the day. 

The pictures below are from a later flight when two optimistic pilots decided there was still wave around. One was your blogger and P1 was an instructor who wanted to fly as he already had two flights but said he never touched the controls on either!

Ready to launch

Cable on please

On tow

Heading for wave

It isn't working!

Heading to the high key point


Back on the ground still looking for the wave!

Our two Pawnees finished for the day